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ur Child’s First School Built With special love, care, and safety.

Your Child’s Introduction To The Building Blocks Of Fundamentals

Your Child’s Preparation To Excel In Studies And Chase Dreams


Currently, the institution enrolls roughly 1500 pupils from 16 various nations, all of whom are prepared to gain from it. They pick up the virtues of their culture and tongue. gained knowledge of their neighborhood. Tibetan children and teenagers ages 9 to 19, can participate in a variety of activities at Sera Jey Summer Camp. With this camp, we create a wholesome educational environment and enable Tibetan children who live abroad to enroll in Sera Jey International Summer Camp to learn the Tibetan language, culture, history, and fundamental Buddhist concepts.


WELCOME TO Serajey Online School

Enjoy lessons with experienced Tibetan teachers online and improve quickly with lessons tailored to your interests and level.

Today the school has about 1500 students from 16 different countries and all are trained benefit from this school, they learned the values of their culture and language. learned about their community.
Sera Jey Summer Camp is a multi-activity experience for Tibetan kids and teens, aged 9-19. In up coming years, we have been planning to provide a healthy educational- ecosystem, to enable Tibetan children living abroad to join Sera Jey International Summer Camp to learn Tibetan language, culture, history, and basic principles of Buddhism..
Since losing our country, the preservation of our language and culture has been one of the most critical areas of focus for Tibetans, Numerous individuals and institutes have worked extremely hard in this matter. Especially in Tibet, Serajey online school also believes that it is exceptionally important for us to preserve our language and culture. Hence, we have set up several projects over the years to contribute to the preservation and promotion of our language and culture.


Chinese, English and Mathematics courses are offered to those students are taking Tibetan Courses.



The award applications received by our school has not only enriched the glory of the school but has also inspired us to work with greater dedication to explore and excel.